Great tourist to forest moutain

Dak Lak is one of the potential tourism provinces of Vietnam because Dak Lak has many monuments, landscapes and diverse cultural traditions, the scenery here is a harmonious combination between wild beauty of mountains and forests mixed with the modernity of the city. A gentle and quiet mountain town, but extremely attractive by the majestic mountains, the vast green forests of coffee, interspersed with stilt houses of ethnic people. The people living here are mostly Kinh, E De, M’nong and J’rai people … the local people are living together with Ben Nuoc and Nha San.

In particular, Dak Lak has Ban Don as a place that has been included in the world tourism map because of the tradition of hunting and taming wild elephants and Buon Ma Thuot is considered as one of the “coffee capitals”; on world.

Dak Lak has a diverse cultural identity like the long-standing oral schools of “Dam San” and “Xinh Nha”, which are thousands of sentences long; such as the languages of Ede people, M’Nong people …; like the stone herds, the T’rung and the K’longput …

Dak Lak is also a part of The space of gong culture in the Vietnam Highlands, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. In addition, Dak Lak also has traditional long houses of indigenous people which, according to legend, can be “long as the gong sound” or water wharves in ethnic minority villages. In the villages of Dak Lak, there are also household products such as tables, chairs and even wooden boats made up of intact large trees.

Notable festivals include New Rice Ceremony, Grave-abandoning Ceremony, Buffalo kill Festival, Ben Nuoc worship ceremony, Elephants Racing Festival, Gong Festival and Coffee Festival … held regularly every year such as a tradition.

Because Dak Lak has 44 ethnic groups, the cuisine here is really diverse, with all the dishes of the North, Central and South of Vietnam. Many people also consider that the restaurant in Dak Lak well cooks and have tastes very special. It is noteworthy that the Highlands folk foods such as Ban Don grilled chicken, dishes cooked with Giang leaves, bitter tomatoes, dishes made from river fish…

Regarding wine, in Dak Lak, although it is popular with many brands of wine, the most special one is Ama Kong.

Although coffee trees were introduced to Vietnam very early (in 1870), they were planted in Dak Lak in large numbers only after 1930s in French plantations. Currently, according to the data so far, coffee area in Dak Lak province has reached nearly 205,000 hectares, accounting for about 42% of the coffee area of ​​the Central Highlands region and more than 32% of the country’s coffee area. with an annual output of 450,000 – 490.00 tons (kernel). This is also a key export item, accounting for 86% of export turnover from agricultural products in general, contributing over 60% of the province’s annual budget revenue. In Vietnam, many provinces have coffee growing, but Buon Ma Thuot coffee has always been rated as the highest quality and the most characteristic flavor. For these reasons, Buon Ma Thuot is often called the “Coffee Capital”.

Only in Buon Ma Thuot, the cafes are so many that if one day they only visit one shop, it will take a whole year to go around. Most of the coffee shops in Buon Ma Thuot are invested heavily and have their own style to attract customers, but the most attractive to tourists is the ones with the Central Highlands style, “Coming to Dak Lak without going to drink coffee is considered as having not been to Dak Lak”.

Dak Lak is a mountainous province so there are many beautiful landscapes such as: Lak Lake – Lak; Ea Thuong Lake – Easoup; Ea Kao Lake – Buon Ma Thuot; Krong Kmar waterfall – Krong Bong; Dray Sap waterfall, Dray Nu waterfall, Gia Long waterfall – Krong Ana; Thuy Tien waterfall – Krong Nang; Bay Waterfall – EaSo; Dray K’nao waterfall – M’drak …


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