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Souvernir shop

Souvernir shop

Make pleasant surprise for your beloved one and family members by locally special gifts like lucky ring …

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Business center

hoi nghi

To do our best assistance for your business travel as well as leisure travel, business center at the …

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Fitness center


At the….floor, exercisers gain good shapes, strong and healthy bodies by state-of-the-art equipments like ...

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Room service


Do not need to go out, do not need to get to the restaurants, only stay in room and touch 2103...

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Massage & Sauna


Stretching away a half of the third floor, 12 Massage - Sauna rooms with therapies and treatments,...

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hoasgbm Tel : (+84) 262 3685 666
Fax: (+84) 262 3685 888

Hotline : 0948418787

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